Become our new Data Architect!

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  UpCRM is opening an opportunity for a Data Architect based in Luxembourg City.   Job Details: The Data Architect is responsible for designing and documenting all the data-related aspects of our Salesforce projects: Data Strategy Development of data strategies and customer data programs Data Modeling Definition and validation of CRM Data Model in collaboration… Read more »

Placez Salesforce au cœur de votre Système d’Information avec Talend

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              Alliez Talend & Salesforce dans une approche unique en matière de qualité et de gouvernance des données.   Découvrez comment les solutions innovantes orientées métier de Talend peuvent vous aider à : Migrer simplement votre ancien ERP vers Salesforce tout en gardant le contrôle, Créer automatiquement vos Leads… Read more »

Meet our new TeamUp member: Amandine Peltier, our Marketing&Communication Manager!

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TeamUP is growing! Amandine PELTIER, Marketing professional joined UpCRM to take part to this amazing adventure. Here’s more about her.   Hi Amandine, first, welcome at Up! Could you tell us a bit more about you? Sure. I’m French and come from METZ, where I graduated from a Master degree in Innovative Marketing in 2012…. Read more »

Événement ONG & Associations à Luxembourg : Devenez une association connectée !

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    -Devenez une association connectée- UpCRM organisera le mardi 13 mars un événement rassemblant les ONG, Associations & Fondations luxembourgeoises. Avec la participation de : Cet événement aura lieu aux locaux de la Fnel Luxembourg, 61a, Rue de Treves, 2630 Luxembourg. A cette occasion, nous vous présenterons les solutions Salesforce & UpCRM (comme les… Read more »

Meet our new TeamUp member ! René Görgens, our new CRM Senior Architect !

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TeamUP is growing ! René Görgens, expert on Salesforce Architecture chose to join UpCRM to take part in this amazing adventure. Would you like to know more about him? Mélanie, in charge of Marketing and Sales at UpCRM asked him some questions to introduce himself.   Hi René, first, welcome at Up! Could you tell… Read more »

3 ways Artificial Intelligence can boost your CRM

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Today, we thought interesting to share with you this article on the 3 ways Artificial Intelligence can boost your CRM. While customer relationship management systems have made data accessible, processing and analyzing that data is time- and resource-consuming for many businesses. And that is where the A.I comes in. AI makes intelligent connections to tell… Read more »

Dreamforce 2017 – Do not miss the key highlights

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As the Luxembourg Salesforce Gold Partner, UpCRM wishes to share with you the key highlights of the biggest CRM related event: Dreamforce 2017.   From November 6th to November 9th was held Salesforce’s annual conference, Dreamforce in San Francisco, CA. Dreamforce is a huge event for the n°1 CRM. There are dozens of big name… Read more »

Salesforce: Top 6 Predictions for 2018

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Salesforce is now the 7th most in-demand software skill.  With almost every industry using the platform, it is exciting to look at previous trends to help us to predict the future. So what does 2018 hold for Salesforce’s customers and SFDC professionals in the market? Here are the top 6 Salesforce predictions for 2018: 1. Demand will… Read more »