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Amandine PELTIER Marketing Manager posing within UpCRM premises, playing with a Cloud logo

TeamUP is growing!

Amandine PELTIER, Marketing professional joined UpCRM to take part to this amazing adventure.

Here’s more about her.


Hi Amandine, first, welcome at Up! Could you tell us a bit more about you?

Sure. I’m French and come from METZ, where I graduated from a Master degree in Innovative Marketing in 2012. Then, I moved to Australia for two years to work as Operations Manager for agricultural companies. When I got back I started as Marketing Manager in an electronics and UAVs-specialized start up. Everything was to be created and I also learned a lot about entrepreneurship which was truly enriching. I’m a very curious person so I’m not afraid of change.


What is your role at Up Consulting?

I joined Up Team as Marketing & Communication Manager and my role will encompass the whole range of both. For instance; I’ll manage events, join Chloé on HR Marketing side, take on UpCRM communication processes, help with international development and financing, and implement GDPR as well.


What is a typical work day for you? Which projects are you working on?

Good thing with Marketing; few days are the same. I know it does sound cliché but I don’t enjoy routine much. At the moment I am organizing May, 17th UpCRM & Salesforce event, helping with Fit4Digital certification and GDPR compliance plus taking over communication tools (such as newsletters & blogs) while musing about next events, other tasks, etc.


What are your main professional challenges?

My main challenge is to process Salesforce as it’s a big chunk, trailhead became my best friend! But also stay up-to-date with Salesforce improvement and growth rhythm.


What do you prefer the most in your work?

If I had to choose only one facet, I guess my preference would go to the event management part of my role, I really enjoy that. Aims are to hold events that are truly useful to our guests and make UpCRM community thrive.


What is your motto or philosophy?

Organize yourself, give your best shot, improve, repeat.


What could put you in a bad mood in the morning when you arrive at the office?

I’m a fairly enthusiastic person but I could be in a bad mood if we were to run out of tea!


And finally, why Up Consulting?

Up Consulting is a challenge were marketing & communication are to be set-up. I was attracted by the need to improve what exists, to create what doesn’t and make the overall shine!