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UpCRM is looking for a new talent to join the team : A new CRM consultant

UpCRM implements a new development strategy and fully intend to increase its staff more and more, always in order to deal with more projects. To keep pace with this dynamic, Team Up is looking for a CRM Consultant.

The CRM Consultant responsibilities are 3-fold:

➢ He/She will support the implementation and integration of CRM solutions and take in charge specific development activities in respect of the mission scope
➢ Be part of the UpCRM Client Services supporting our clients during the production ramp-up period and during the continuous innovation processes.
➢ He/She will be involved in the internal projects and the UpCRM innovation activities in support of the business development.

The CRM Consultant will:

➢ Be fully integrated in the UpCRM project delivery team working closely with his peers (CRM Architect, Consultants, Business Development Manager and Services Director) to contribute to the salesforce based applications development, delivery, integration and support.
➢ The CRM Consultant is expected to support the BID process and he/she will contribute to the creation of technical documents and Proof of Concepts in respect of requirements.
➢ The CRM Consultant has to invest-in and maintain a broad salesforce products knowledge
➢ He/She has to demonstrate a good IT Infrastructure and application technology understanding.
➢ He/She must be able to collaborate with client contacts having different technical backgrounds in the applications and IT domains with applying strong client relation and engagement skills

The individual will develop on a permanent base his/her experiences to successfully implement CRM projects and be able to work in autonomy or in a team based delivery engagement.


➢ Strong background and a minimum of 3 years experiences in the application development domain.
➢ A good knowledge and understanding of CRM solutions with a strong motivation and capacity to develop this expertize based on salesforce solutions.
➢ Experiences with business application, processes and data migrations
➢ Good knowledge in the domain of IT Infrastructures
➢ Strong communication skills – both written, oral and presentation in both French and English,
➢ Own, maintain and broaden CRM Vendor solutions (with focus on salesforce) and Development Certifications are a must management




To apply please send your resume to :