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The Up Consulting team strive to always design, build and connect the best systems to give you a highly customised CRM environment helping you to run and grow your business. In order to deliver the best services Up Consulting have established strong partnerships with leading, Salesforce, Talend, Conga, Mployee.

We know that when it comes to implementing new IT solutions, finding a tool that is fit for your way of working and your strategy may be challenging and require a lot of effort. At Up Consulting we work hard to make things easier for you and your organisation.

CRM practices and opportunities in a digitally connected world change fast and your systems should be ready to evolve with you.

Up Consulting is committed to deliver long term solutions that can support your growth and grow with your business. In order to deliver the best services we have established strong partnerships with leading vendors providing solutions we trust and recommend. We aim to ease things for your organisation; implementing only solutions according to our vision of what should be the future evolution of CRM practices in a new connected digital world.





Up Consulting is the Salesforce Luxembourg main partner and certified Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner since 2016. 

Salesforce began in 1999 with a vision of reinventing Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Since then their pioneering use of cloud computing has revolutionised the way enterprise software is delivered and used, changing the industry forever.

Ever since they launched their first CRM solution, Salesforce products have run entirely in the cloud. That means it’s all online – no software, no hardware. There are no expensive setup costs, no maintenance, your employees can work from any device with an internet connection – smartphone, tablet or laptop – and with 3 free upgrades every year it is ideal for small businesses and large enterprises alike. This revolutionary approach has helped to make Sales Cloud the world’s number 1 CRM system.

Salesforce has been rewarded “World’s Most Innovative Company” 3 times in a row by Forbes (2011, 2012, 2013) and has been qualified “Leader” by Gartner Magic Quadrant for 8 years.

Products & Services

Salesforce is more than just a single product – it's a complete integrated solution for managing all interactions with your customers and prospects, designed to help your organisation grow and succeed.

Since Salesforce.com runs with licences it is adapted for all kinds of companies, regardless of the size or industry. Contrary to some other CRM solutions, Salesforce is easy to scale and can evolve with your business. You can start with the basics and add more licences and functionalities as you need them!

Sales Cloud: The world's #1 customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation solution.

Service Cloud: The world's #1 customer service application. The cloud-based solution for service, support and case management.

Marketing Cloud: Create personalised, cross-channel marketing campaigns across email, mobile, social, web and more.

Sales Analytics: Deliver customizable sales insights to any device at the right time with our new app that brings the power of Einstein Analytics to Sales Cloud.

Community Cloud: Empower customers, partners, and employees to tackle anything, anywhere with an online collaboration platform.

Moreover, with the Salesforce 1 platform you can be fully mobile and connected with your customers at all times: on your Computer, Tablet and Smartphone. You can customise your Salesforce environment depending on your business processes and requirements: custom fields, workflows, integrated applications, etc.

Property Base

Property Base

Property Base is a Real Estate CRM & Marketing Platform connecting your business with scalable technology.

This CRM aims to help you to capture, engage, perform and close deals. Software is versatile and user friendly and provides all the basics, plus a ton of flexibility for your needs

Addressed professionals are residential RE, commercial RE & RE developers.


Products & Services

The Propertybase Cloud offers a wide range of modules:

Reach: Send personalized email campaigns to exactly the right targets with beautiful templates for your listings

Front Desk: Stop letting leads “drown” in your email inbox! Simply forward all lead notification emails to Propertybase and follow-up conveniently from one central place.

Listings & Inventory: Take full control of your listings, availabilities, comparables, stacking plans and trends. Add powerful listing search with fully automated lead capturing to your website. Push your listings to over 180 real estate portals for maximum visibility and seamlessly integrate your MLS provider.

Process & Automation: Visually create custom workflows to automate anything from client interactions to back-office processes.

Clients & Activities: Everything in Propertybase is tied to your biggest asset: your client. Keeping a 360° overview on all client related activities ensures you're always one step ahead.

Deals & Transactions: Efficient transactions require a systematic approach. So everyone on your team always knows where you are and where each participant of a transaction stands as you work jointly to progress an offer to a closing.

Analytics: Propertybase gives you point-and-click reporting and dashboards to visualize anything so you are always in control.

Cloud API: Many of the features clients love about our apps are relying on the Propertybase Cloud API. The open architecture of this API makes integrating these services into your business process easier than ever.



Data Integration is a key success factor in CRM projects. Talend is a modern solution with native support for Data Management, which takes the complexity out of integration and equips IT to be more responsive to the demands of the business. Up Consulting is a Luxembourg Talend partner!

As a leader in cloud and big data integration software Talend is helping organizations become data driven by collecting, cleaning, and quickly moving data to where it’s needed to inform business decisions. Recently listed on NASDAQ, Talend is gaining industry recognition for its rapid growth and open-source-based solutions that are faster than legacy products and quicker to respond to market innovations.

Talend is recognised by Gartner as a “Visionary” in the 2013 Magic Quadrant for data integration tools.

Products & Services

Talend Solutions enable migration and integration of historical, live, and emerging data from your existing systems to your CRM environment, based on a batch (ETL) or real-time (ESB) process.

Talend Open Studio features a single Eclipse-based tooling environment empowering analysts and users to model, configure, test and deploy solutions that combine 

Big Data Integration: Realize the speed and scale of Big Data without coding

Data Integration: Respond to business needs for integrated data

Cloud Integration: Connect all your data in the cloud and on premises

Data Preparation: Fast and easy self-service data prep for everyone

Application Integration: Deliver agile real-time integration of applications

Master Data Management: Empower business with a single view of the truth

Talend Solutions speed up development in the midst of complexity and heterogeneous environments through support for over 800 connectors to all types of sources including big data, databases, packaged applications (ERP, CRM, etc.), SaaS and Cloud applications, mainframes, files, web services, data warehouses, data marts, and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) applications.

Developers can quickly build integration jobs, data profiles, a master data hub, and implement web services, data services, REST applications and messaging routes. 



Conga is established as a must-have for optimizing CRM processes required to interact with customers, conduct business and maintain compliance. This App simplifies and automates many of the CRM friction points creating the ideal experience. As the provider of the #1 paid application on the Salesforce AppExchange, Conga has more than a decade of experience. During all this time, the Conga solutions increased the value of the Sales Cloud by removing systems and process pain points that impede the customer lifecycle. Their 8000+ customers are passionate about the platform and support giving Conga 5 stars on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Conga has rapidly built a fan base of more than 150,000 subscribers, in more than 45 countries, across all industries. 

Products & Services

Data: simplify data management and the Salesforce user experience. Make list views actionable, eliminate related lists and add spreadsheet-like capability directly in Salesforce.

Document: Customize, streamline and scale document generation and reporting with Conga Composer, the #1 paid for application on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Contracts: Automate the entire contract lifecycle management process to gain visibility, ensure compliance and mitigate risk.

Reports: Gain insight and visibility into Salesforce activities that drive revenue with Conga Reporting, eliminating hours of manual number crunching and data analytics.



With m|ployee you have all your company and employee data in one place, all users have access to it. It's a transparent solution for business operations and HR. Its user-friendly interface allows you to use the tool anytime, anywhere. 

Products & Services

m|ployee is a very complete HR force.com application which can increase productivity, improve workflow and increase employee engagement using the chat function. m|ployee can be in charge of :

Time Management: mobile entry, approval workflows, time calculation, pool management, absence management

Expense Management: mobile entry, photo receipt upload, approval workflows

Talent Management: skills, objectives, performance, development, training

Recruitment: candidate, pipeline, headcount, process, social media integration, candidate portal etc.).

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